Printing on Nylon | Customizing a Nylon Cooler with Digital Heat FX

How to Print on a Nylon Cooler | Printing on Nylon Promotional Products

Printing on Nylon has always been a problem no matter what your technology of choice. Screen printing on nylon is tough, direct to garment printing on nylon is not practical.. but that’s changed now with the OKI 920WT white toner color laser printer and Laser EZ Peel Papers from!

In this video you’ll see Katie from Pantograms and DigitalHeatFX once again decorate a nylon product – in this case a nylon beer cooler – by printing out a full color digital transfer with the OKI proColor 920WT White Toner Printer and the all important Laser EZ Peel Papers.

Transfer printing with digitalheatfx is simple:

Step 1: Create your graphic in a vector art program like Corel Draw
Step 2: Print your full color digital transfer on the OKI 920
Step 3: Mary the A and B Papers
Step 4 Apply

One of the most valuable things you’ll learn in and of our videos is the times, pressures and techniques you need to be successful. Don’t waste valuable time and transfer paper, just watch one of our How To videos! For example, when you’re decorating nylon by using color transfers there are different cure times.. and techniques.. that we’ll teach you here.

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