Xeikon 3300 Labels and Packaging Digital Printing Press

Superb label and packaging digital printing with the Xeikon 3300.
This video shows the Xeikon 3300 running inline with a finishing unit. Xeikon 3300 is the flagship narrow-web label press of the Xeikon 3000 Series. It is a full rotary press with no frame-size restrictions and prints at a consistent speed irrespective of the size of the labels or the number of colors used.

Whether it is to print self-adhesive labels, IML labels or heat-transfer labels all the Xeikon printing presses from the Xeikon 3000 series are very suitable for all kinds of prime label applications. Unlike conventional technology, these digital presses are made for dealing with shorter run and faster delivery times.

Every single Xeikon digital printer is designed for high productivity and the highest quality printing.
All the models from the Xeikon 3000 series share therefore the following qualities:
• All the Xeikon 3000 series digital printing presses have a superb label printing quality with a true 1200 dpi addressability and quality.
• All the digital printing presses can be professionally integrated into an existing workflow.
• All the digital label printers make use of the digital front-end.
• All the packaging and printing label presses enjoy a creative freedom. They can print on unrivalled range of substrates without pre-coating or pre-treatment.
• All the label printing presses from the Xeikon 3000 series have a High productivity. They are full rotary printing independent of either the number of colours or the repeat length of the job.
• All the digital printing presses have dedicated Dry label toners. These dry label toners are made in-house by Xeikon, they are foodsafe, FDA-approved and lightfast.

Wondering how to get shorter runs, print more complex labels or how to get faster delivery times? Go ahead, throw ay challenge at the Xeikon 3300 and he’ll deliver. Are you interested to know more about this label and packaging printing press? Go to our website and take a look: https://www.xeikon.com/en/label-presses/xeikon-3300. You can also download a document with all the specs of the Xeikon 3300 Label printing press.

A Xeikon 3300 label and packaging printing press is always a part of a top digital label press Suite, or digital label set-up. Whether for self-adhesive, IML (inmold labeling) or heat-transfer labels, a Xeikon Suite consists of 5 elements you need for digital label production: a label press, workflow software, print media, dry toners and pre and post equipment.

This Xeikon label and packaging digital press can be used in companies that specialize in self-adhesive labels for food and beverages, pharmaceuticals or other industries that require high-end labels. The new Xeikon 3300 can offer size and format capabilities that no other digital label press can give at that high quality.
To learn more about the complementary technologies to extend capacity and range of offerings, go to our website or contact us: https://www.xeikon.com.

this new press creates the ability to take advantage of a wider web width and larger format size with a virtually unlimited repeat length. It requires no priming and can print on a broader range of substrates. It blends in perfectly with established installed base of digital and flexo presses, delivering the same high quality. That allows everyone to mix and match jobs across multiple presses for optimum load balancing.

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